COLOSSUS4D™ earth and sensors processing engine is a next generation software solution for mission-critical C4ISR and ATC/ATM systems, based on Luciad’s technology. COLOSSUS4D™ brings Situational Awareness into a new era, which the system integrators can easily integrate into their systems. Provides support for achieving situational awareness by handling very large numbers of static and moving data from various sensors, top of 4D geographical information, including maps, satellite imagery, and terrain elevation in many different formats and references. This technology supports extremely fast on-the-fly display of complex and disparate networked data, allowing commanders and operators to make instant decisions.


SGPTaccon3DGlobes is a unique product worldwide developed exclusively by SGP TACCON. The targeting audiences are the existing military and non-military installations of 2D and 3D streaming servers. It can be sold solely or published within a client’s Server ready to connect to the client’s network either for online or offline streaming of 2d or 3d data.

SGPTaccon3DGlobes can be used by Command Centers, Satellite Ground Stations, Data Providers, Crisis Management environments, Fleet Management Systems, etc. It is consisted by: Digital Terrain Model, thousands of raster images and 7.000.000 vector points around the world.

Its advantages are its streaming speed, worldwide data completeness, data accuracy and rich content. SGP TACCON delivers the 3D OSM SGP TACCON Globe with hardware, storage system and 4 different clients for accessing the 2D and 3D databases (option).


SGPTacconMapsTM has been researched, developed and tested solely by SGP TACCON Ltd. It provides a unique way of accessing and geographic information through the Internet or the Intranet using a number of different streaming methods for the front end user and a unique way of accessing and manipulating geographic information for the back end administrator.

The purpose of the application is to provide access to geographic and descriptive information through the Internet to all interested visitors, in order to enhance the tourism product of our client, via links in the existing site of the client. Any kind of multimedia content can be inserted to the base map.

Potential visitors (i.e. tourists, citizens and service providers) will be able to access custom streaming base maps and customizable content according to the client’s requirements, utilizing a variety of streaming servers (i.e. LuciadFusion, Google Earth Enterprise, Bing Maps, Virtual Earth.), by clicking on an interface (link) on the client’s web site.

You can request access to see our demo application utilizing this technology at