Next generation C4ISTAR systems employ both browsers and Luciad Lightspeed Trade Mark, based 3D Earth clients for Real-Time Situational Awareness, data fusion, visualization and analysis. Luciad clients include Eurocontrol, the FAA, NATO, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Cassidian, EADS, Thales, Dassault, Eurocopter, MIT Lincoln Lab and many other prominent companies and research labs.

Luciad based systems have been fielded in all major NATO operations and exercises since 2002.

SGP TACCON develops a range of products and solutions for the Defense and Aviation industries based on Luciad’s State of the Art Technology.

Modeling and Simulation

Mission Planning System (MPS) has been designed and developed so as to make it possible for the Air Force to prepare flight mission plans for fixed and rotary wing aircraft platforms.

In this system, database information is used by means of standard database accessing methodology. New flight routes can be prepared from scratch or ready flight route templates can be used.

Capabilities of the Mission Planning System are:

  • Preparation and maintenance of mission data and maps database
  • Definition of flight course
  • Calculation of optimum flight course
  • Calculation of attacking tactics
  • Analysis of area
  • Analysis of threat
  • Meteorological analysis
  • Formation of vertical profile
  • Fuel calculation
  • Time calculation
  • Calculation of weight, center of gravity and drag
  • Usage of tactical symbols and texts to reflect enemy related information on the map
  • Battle Planning
  • Generation of 3-D view of the selected region
  • Preparation of Mission Data File (MDF)
  • Transfer of Planned Mission Data (Upload)

Spatial Information Systems

SGP TACCON provides a single-source Enterprise Spatial Solution capability based on Luciad’s unique technology and architecture (Luciad Fusion, Luciad Lightspeed, Luciad RIA, Luciad Mobile).

Luciad’s highly qualified R&D department has developed a unique architecture for Luciad’s products. The company’s proximity to both world-class research campuses and industry leaders has enabled Luciad to become an OGC-compliant industry standard for Real-Time Situational Awareness and Geospatial Data applications. 

Luciad’s product superiority is widely recognized in terms of retained accuracy (highest level of certified accuracy in the entire industry, irrespective of the number of geo-transformations performed), performance and speed of application development.

Our end to end solutions include any type of custom 3D Globes for Luciad Fusion or/and Luciad Lightspeed applications tailored to specific client needs and technical specs:

  • Complete spatial data collection (aerial collection, UAV etc.) DTM, orthophoto production, GIS (vector) data production
  • Spatial systems architecture and design
  • Training support and integration services
  • Satellite data and DTM covering almost the entire Globe