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About Us

TACCON (former Oraton Simulation Intelligence Tech) is a private company carrying a 30-year experience and specialization in the design, development, integration, and installation of Command and Control (C2) software and Systems.

TACCON is a Luciad, OEM Partner. TACCON provides integrated solutions, software development, hardware and services in the following areas.


Mission Planning & Simulation Apps

Geographical Information Systems



C4D is a reconfigurable ‘Command & Control’ platform for multi domain operations, capable to integrate data from any kind of sensor, Radars, EO, Satellites, A/F, UAV’s, ADS-B, AIS, Tactical Data Links and other platforms, for increased 4D Situational Awareness (4DSA) and creation of Common Operating and Tactical Picture (JEP-COP–CTP-RAP-RASP).

C4D can be customized to fulfill the operational needs of Defense, Maritime, Aviation, Geospatial Intelligence, and Crisis Management Applications.


FlightSim is a ‘Mission Command Trainer’ platform 3D Synthetic Terrain Battlefield visualization, mission planning system (3D/4D, VR, MR, Oculus ready). FlightSim is an open platforms which has been engineered to expedite a near real-time flow from data to operational awareness using state of the art GPU based, NATO compliant 3D simulation engine.

Also, FlightSim complies with Eurocontrol and FAA data exchange standards and supports Air Picture Creation and Multiple targets 360 selection capability. Supports realistic aircraft behavior (F16, F35, Mirage, Rafale, Grippen etc.) and realistic environment (day/night/dusk) and realtime weather data.

EarthGIS Pro

EarthGIS Pro is a 5th generation GIS. An advanced GIS solution for static and semi-dynamic real time visualization, processing and analytics from spatial and non-spatial datasets for Defense and Geospatial Intelligence users.

EarthGIS Pro is an Earth & Sensors processing engine, powered by the most advanced worldwide 3d GIS engine with 2D-3D-4D-5D capabilities and a VR-AR-MR Oculus ready tool. Responds to a growing demand for near real-time data capture and response.

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Defencereview.gr article on Taccon

του Άγγελου Χωριανόπουλου Εν έτει 2021 σύσσωμη η Δύση ως πολιτική οντότητα αντιμετωπίζει την λεγόμενη »Καταιγίδα των Τεσσάρων Επαναστάσεων» η οποία φαίνεται να μεταβάλλει πλήρως την έννοια της Στρατιωτικής Ισχύος σε όλα τα πεδία μάχης. Σύμφωνα με τον Στρατηγιστή Andrew Krepinevich, »Η στρατιωτική επανάσταση προκύπτει όταν τεχνολογικές αλλαγές συνδυάζονται με καινοτομίες στις μεθοδολογίες, στα δόγματα μάχης και στην οργάνωση των στρατευμάτων με αποτέλεσμα να προκύπτουν θεμελιώδεις αλλαγές στον χαρακτήρα και στον τρόπο διεξαγωγής του πολέμου».

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Virtual Reality Innovation in Luciad Portfolio Powers Taccon Flight Simulator

Hexagon continually strives to be on the leading edge of innovation, which often means bringing features to the market before clear use cases have even been identified. But by offering these features in our products early, we create opportunities for integrators to discover and provide applications. One such avant-garde feature Virtual Reality Innovation in Luciad Portfolio Powers Taccon Flight Simulator is the support for virtual reality (VR) devices and stereoscopic screens in LuciadLightspeed, part of the Luciad portfolio.

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